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The Crossroads - An Internal Journey is a piece of writing inspired by my fascination with spiritual subject matter and the condition of the human psyche, which has then been folded into one cohesive piece.

Although the actual compilation of the book took roughly a year and a half to complete, the themes and poetry appearing throughout its pages has been gleaned from over twenty years of my collected writings based on experiences, dreams and perceptions I have encountered. 

From there, an environment of our earthly surroundings has then been used as a representation of our internal world, one that is often shielded from others, and at times not even fully understood or reflected upon by ourselves.

The story is told in a first person account, a nameless and faceless character, the hero of our story, who is none other than the reader. This hero then encounters only two other living beings, an aged man and a great bird, affectionately referred to as "the fledgling", who act as hosts in this internal world and as companions through the journey of the natural environment as described by the hero. This journey then unfolds over great distances, from the highest mountain to the lowest valley, and areas in between. 

Some roads taken lead to terrifying and painful encounters, others to peaceful vistas of reflection. But the purpose of all that is encountered is designed to reveal to the reader, our dear hero, the places hidden deep within that have been neglected, forgotten, and perhaps, not even yet realized.

While the story itself may be fictional, what it represents is most real. That, of which, is our internal world.


He leaned back some, and looked up at the night sky, appearing not to have heard my question.

"The moon is full, but your soul is empty," he said. "All who have entered this wood have been darkened in search of light. But is it not true that you can not have light without darkness, nor have darkness without light? At some point, one will give way to the other. This is the basic law that governs your world. Darkness can only persist if one chooses not to let the light in."

~The Aged Man~


©2019 The Crossroads - An Internal Journey.
Written by Laura K. Smith