The Crossroads - An Internal Journey

A book inspired by searching the depths of the human mind and spirit

Have you walked along the darkened edges of this world, consumed all it has to feed you, and yet still remain unsatisfied? Are you a seeker, one who searches for deeper truths than what you have found, yet know they must exist? You may just find those truths are closer at hand than you realize.

The Crossroads - An Internal Journey is esoteric by design, yet available to all who wish to embark on a greater understanding of themselves, those around us and of the world in which we live.

All elements within this story that would subscribe a reader to any affiliation of a particular race, religion, social status or orientation of any kind have been deliberately avoided to encourage what it is this book intends, and that is to dig deeper into the self and analyze who we are, what motivates us to do the things we do, and what it is we seek. Therefore, no definitive answers are offered, for the deeper meaning of every crossroad and point reached is determined by the reader, and the reader alone.

So if you are ready, then take the first step into your internal journey. The Crossroads await you.


©2019 The Crossroads - An Internal Journey.
Written by Laura K. Smith